Search Engine Optimization

In the field of search engine optimization, SEO for short, there are many pitfalls you have to pay attention to to get to the top of Google’s search results. We take care of keyword analysis, technical aspects and correct SEO marketing in all areas.

Search Engine Optimization

Who does not want to be ranked 1st on Google?

Everyday you get spam mails with “We will rank you 1st on Google for $10”. Do you trust them? We don’t. But how do you get 1st on Google? Short answer: there are more than 99 values that affect the Google Ranking Algorithms. Not all have the same weight, but all of them will get you ranked up. We focus on all aspects to get you on top of Google. Learn more below how we do it.

Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research

Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization

Organic Growth

3 Steps to Success

At the very first start we will analyze your website. We start with technical aspects (like https / correct use of HTML tags / meta tags). Then we analyze your current content and create a keyword research. The SEO Analysis of your website is crucial as this will show you what actions are needed.

Based on previous SEO Analysis we give you a list of action points. These are classified in High, Mid and Low priorities. We recommend you some parts and explain the points in detail. But in the end you can decide what you want to have done by us. Why? Because this is always a question of budget.

SEO does not stop once you have optimized your site. A continuous monitoring of keywords & technical aspects is necessary as long as your website is alive. We setup keyword tracking, automatic reports and fix stuff for you when errors occur. In short we are taking care your SEO gets optimized all time.

SEO Analysis

Starting point of all SEO optimizations is the analysis. We will prepare you a presentation with more than 50 slides going through all SEO details listing what you do good and what you do bad / where you can improve.

What you get:

seo analysis

SEO Optimizations

Analysis is done and now we have a large action list to do. Based on our recommendations and your decision, we now start optimizing your website. 

What you get:

seo optimization

SEO Monitoring

Don’t think that when the optimizations are done, you will rank directly on 1st place of Google. That will in most cases never happen. It can take up weeks or months until you see changes and then you still need to always take an eye on this.

What you get:

seo monitoring

SEO Pricing


Rs. 25,000 /month


Rs. 45,000 /month