Slow website frustrates visitors and decreases your sales graph.

Webbex helping businesses across the globe improve the performance and security of their websites. Whether you’re looking for a monthly, hourly, or after-hours website maintenance plan, Webbex provides the experience and expertise your company demands.

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"The web design of your site accounts for 94% of first impressions.”

You want to make a positive first impression when someone comes across your business for the first time. The first impression you make on your audience can have a long-term impact on how they perceive your company. When it comes to your website, the design makes the majority of initial impressions.

What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is the process of keeping the website error-free and up to date. You could also look at it as the process of checking sites to keep them updated, customer-friendly, and protected from harm. It can be updating content, adding images, adding links, updating software, and so much more.

Our Website Maintenance Service Includes

1. Scan for Vulnerabilities

Security should be the primary reason for website maintenance. Check for the spam that may have surpassed your filters. Scanning for vulnerabilities regularly assures that your website is not attacked or taken over.

2. Repairs and Fixes

This is all related to errors, bugs, and broken links. Both internal and external links should be checked. A link checker can be run to look for broken links that frustrate the users and reduce the search engine rankings.

3. Browser Compatibility Testing

Ensure that all aspects of your website are functioning properly in the most common browsers. Your website must also be compatible with less-used browsers.

4. Software Update

The critical software your site relies on should be updated. For example; the content management system, its themes, and plugins. Also, upgrade non-critical software if they are worth applying.

5. Website Backups

The database backups would be automatically performed on a weekly basis and restored at least once every six months.

6. Site Speed

This is a very critical point to check. Use Yahoo’s YSlow or Google Pagespeed Insights to identify the issues which are slowing your site’s speed.

7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With SEO you identify the issues which are affecting the ranking of your site.

8. Analytics

Through the Google Analytics dashboard, check the important metrics of your site and the trends in those key metrics.

9. Functionality

Check all the important functions like filling up signing forms, contact forms, checkout forms, etc to ensure that everything is working smoothly.

10. Website Content

Fresh and updated content on websites is what users and search engines like. Therefore regularly review your content, correct the mistakes, and upload the new information with targeted words in a fresh style.

With us, you can boost your business’s online ranking and increased growth in traffic.

Website management is a regular, continuous procedure for ensuring that your website runs smoothly, that the information is current, that it loads quickly, and that it is up to date with security upgrades. We keep your website up to date by providing you with our cost-effective website maintenance.

Our Website Maintenance Services Include: